SO, basically the purpose of this blog is for me and my co-conspirators to bring you the word as it pertains to places of eating.

It was an idea of mine a while back, and my lady friend basically forced me into action, so here it is.
Basically when one (or more) of us eats at a restaurant we’ll put a little review here. The diversity of places is a perk as it won’t just be the Lansing area. My job keeps me all over the US, and I’m gonna try and write up some reviews that are on backlog to get things moving.

Eventually, I hope to have the other three on board and contributing.

For those who don’t get it, its 1/2 ton reviews because the four of us weigh a half of a ton (give or take a bit).

Look for postings in the future.

Dan, Matt, Chris: GET ON IT

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  1. I believe this was actually a group idea when you were living at my apartment back in ’04, I thought it came out of Chris, yourself, Dan and I all eating a Little Caesars pizzas.

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