Maru – Okemos, MI

Maru Sushi
5100 Marsh Rd
Okemos, MI 48864-1195
(517) 349-7500

New sushi restaurant? In my neighborhood? It’s more likely than you think. What is unlikely is that it will be any good. I was right.

The sushi is obviously made with care and was VERY well presented, and there wasn’t anything wrong with what we got. What was wrong was the exorbitant price for some pretty normal sushi. Now, when I say “normal sushi” I don’t mean it was bad in any way, quite the opposite. It was really good, but I can get the same quality sushi for far less right down the road. I was intrigued with some of the chef’s specials as they seemed pretty unique and creative, and I would have liked to try them.

The main problem I had with this joint may not actually be the restaurant’s fault. They had JUST opened up, so many menu items were not available, and the service was lackluster. We ate, the whole party unimpressed, and left. Pretty bland dining experience for about $20/person. Also, the portions were tiny.

I would like to go back in the future once they get rolling and get some idea of what direction they want to go. The staff has a high opinion of the place and they all seem to have faith in their chef, so I’m not dismissing them just yet.


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