Resort at the Mountain – Mt. Hood, OR

The Resort At The Mountain
68010 E Fairway Ave
Welches, OR 97067-9708
(503) 622-3101

Ahh Resort at the Mountain (RATM). This was the first deployment I did with the new project I was on, and I knew when I was done with this site that I needed to do more under this project. My meals are comp, and these hotels are NICE.

This resort had recently been remade, and the restaurant was the hardest hit. They brought in an executive chef, new staff, and new lineups aiming for fine dining. I ate here several times during my stay which was a little over a week.

Now, I can’t honestly recommend this for casual dining as I still got a receipt for my meal, so I’m well aware of what this should have cost me. If you’re on Mt. Hood and looking for a fiercely good meal and don’t mind the coin, absolutely go for it.

My personal favorite was the New York strip. This sucker alone costs about $40, and it had a weird citrus tapioca sauce like thing on it which I felt was inappropriate until I tried it. I had this dinner more than twice during my stay. If you like steak this is for you. Like delicious meaty butter. During my stay I ate each entree at least once, but this is the one that sticks out in my mind, and the one I continued to order once I had completed the rotation.

Primarily being a carnivore, I was hesitant to try any of the salads, but I did, as time was on my side and money wasn’t an issue. Their spinach salad got me in touch with god. No idea what was going on there, but it was awesome.

Didn’t eat enough? Fine you beast. Their desserts are awesome too. At the time they were doing a “Brulee of the Day” and as expected, all of those were amazing too.

Here is the downside. One meal consisting of the spinach salad, the NY strip, a brulee of the day, and a bowl of seafood chowder thrown in for good measure will run you around $75. Put a few Mint Juleps on there and you’re well over the $100 mark.

PS: I would steal a car for one of their Mint Juleps


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