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Annie Chun’s – Noodle Express – Teriyaki

When you look at the box, it paints a pretty picture of these noodles. As a seasoned TV veteran, I understand that Bullshit and Marketing go hand in hand. This package is certainly no derivation from the norm:

Amazing Noodles!

My my, now doesn’t that look delicious. Fresh vegetables on top, vibrant looking noodles, all mixed with a smooth sauce. Hell this looks like something you could eat daily! That is, until you look at the Nutrional Facts. Calorically, this isn’t that bad.. sitting at 320 calories for the entire box. The kicker is that the sodium is at 42% of your daily value. The one plus, is that this is about half of what many other ramyun noodles tote; Nong Shim’s NeoGuri Spicy Seafood ramyun noodles sit at a nice 86% of your daily sodium per package (in fact most of the values are double, one thing to note, the Nong Shim noodles make far more food). Enough of the calorie counting, onto the food!

As enticing as a quick kick to the groin.

Well that certainly isn’t as impressive as the box. Please note, both pictures were taken in the same lighting. As you stir the noodles to mix in the dehydrated vegetables with the Terikyucky sauce you need to really put some elbow grease into seperating the noodles. The essence-of-vegetable dots the noodles along with the murky teriyucky sauce. The plus is that this meal took 1 minute to microwave and about 5 minutes to eat. The flavor isn’t awful, a bit on the overly sweet side and lacking any kind of kick and the texture of the noodles is kind of what you’d expect from the apperance (sticky, almost gummy). I’m not astounded and I’m not puking. There’s no MSG so this makes a decent at-work meal if you didn’t have time to prepare something for yourself. For the environmentally conscious, the container is made of a biodegradable cornstarch tray. At slightly over $3.50 a pop, I’ll stick with a PB&J next time.

-Matt in his Cubicle.
Rating: ★★★☆☆

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