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Most expensive, subpar grilled cheese I’ve ever had.  The banana was excellent though.  $2.00 for a grilled cheese is pretty crazy to me, considering it consisted of white bread, and a slice of american ‘cheese’.

I recently was down in Swannanoa, North Carolina for a wedding about a month ago.  Swannanoa is right next to Asheville, which is a bit of a tourist attraction.  It’s completely understandable too, you’re in the mountains.. surrounded by trees.  It’s absolutely gorgeous up there.  Anyways, it’s a long drive back to Michigan.  Being the super smart guy that I am, I didn’t think to bring any traveling food, and I had recently switched to a vegetarian diet.  Unfortunately, Taco Bell even seemed scarce down there.  Well, my driver kept forgetting that I had switched to a vegetarian diet, so I ended up trying to find the single vegetarian item on many menus.  Not like I cared for the most part, as long as there’s something to eat I’m fine.  Plus, every gas station sells some peanuts.  It’s not like there’s some food shortage here in America.  I avoid dairy because of some lactose intolerance.  While a little is fine, especially when a bathroom is nearby, the thought of eating some Mac&Cheese and then enduring 6 more hours of gas… not exactly my idea of a fun car trip.

So, we stop at a Sonic.  Not many options for a vegetarian there.  I opted for the kid’s meal grilled cheese, a banana, and a Lime Limeade.  Holy shit, $3 or $4? Are you fucking kidding me?  Two pieces of shitty wonderbread style white bread and a fucking slice of American cheese.  Butter both sides, toss on flat top.  $2 for a grilled cheese.  If I was driving I would have found a grocery store or something, because I hate shelling out hard earned cash for overpriced bread and cheese.  The grilled cheese was completely fucking smashed, the banana was fresh though.  Unfortunately I had no idea that a Lime Limeade was so ridiculously sweet/sour, not bad at all if you let the ice melt a little bit.  Over priced, shitty food.  I can’t comment on their burgers, but good god what a waste of $4.

Unfortunately my phone was out of batteries at that point, so I have to crib this picture from the internet.  The grilled cheese looks decently similar, except mine was completely smashed…

Food – Rating: ½☆☆☆☆ Edible.  I’d avoid eating there again at all costs.
Decor – Rating: ★★½☆☆ Drive up fast food, not pretty.. but not bad either.
Service – Rating: ★★½☆☆ Not bad service, not good service.  Food was brought out in under 15 minutes.  Not particularly friendly, nor unfriendly.

Total –  Rating: ★★☆☆☆ Overall under 2 stars.  Undoubtedly their burgers would be better, but I prefer a good 1/2 pounder from a little hole in the wall type place.


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I work in software support, I'm an active cook and gardener. I'm a former LAMP admin and former Michigan native currently living in Florida. I contribute to and Twin Destroyer for my music.

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