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Nong Shim – NeoGuri Udon Type Noodles – Spicy Seafood

Ahh, spicy noodles. There is something to be said for making mediocre things spicy, because when you spice it up you won’t notice much else. When making ramen (or ramyun) I like to include fresh vegetables like carrots, celery, leaks, green onions, and pretty much anything else that’s green. For this to turn out well, you really need to cook the noodles on a stove and get the vegetables in the pot prior to the water boiling. If I’m looking to have some protein with the meal I will usually toss an egg in when the water is boiling and let it cook for a minute and a half to two minutes. Unfortunately at work, we don’t have a stove.
Looking at the packaging it looks like I’m going to get to eat a bunch of fucked up vegetables. What is that pink shit, some kind of pickled non-sense? Likewise, there is something in there that looks like a buckeye (it’s a type of nut), which I’m pretty sure is inedible. On the down side, all you receive is a package of dehydrated vegetables (in this case, seaweed and carrots). On the plus side, you don’t have to find out what “Pink” tastes like in a soup.
nutritional facts
Checking out the back of the noodles, you see that Nong Shim is trying to pull a fast one on you. There are 2 servings per package of noodles! Of course there are! I believe this guerrilla-tactic in Nutritional Facts is perpetrated to make it appear that you’re not eating about 100% of your daily sodium intake in one meal. Apparently the noodles are made of salt, and then fried in salt, and then the noodles are pulled out of the fryer and then… they’re salted. There might be one too many “and then”’s in that sentence but I’m sticking to it.
The noodles!
The end-product actually looks and smells fairly delicious. An aroma of the sea drifts out of the bowl along with the spicy scent of whatever is in the “flavor pack”. Unlike some other ramens, the Sea Food Flavor primarily sports seaweed that did a nice job of expanding and rehydrating in the water. On the first bite, you get a hint of the spicy flavor. After a sip of the broth and a couple shovel loads of the noodles, the heat really starts to build up. If you can’t handle heat in your food I would advise steering clear of these. For any seasoned spicy-food veteran this will be a flavorful walk in the park.

One word of advice, don’t let the noodles sit too long in the broth otherwise they will begin to resemble (and taste like) bloated grubs in the mud. Yeah, I see a lot of bloated grubs… in mud. What can I say? It’s Florida.

In closing, I enjoyed the noodles but this wouldn’t make a good or healthy meal on a regular basis. The overall meal rated Rating: ★★★☆☆ out of the package. It could get a bump by including fresh vegetables and an egg while cooking. Oh, also the package costs about $1-1.50 depending on where you go.

-Matt in Tampa

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