These Steamers aren’t from Cleveland.

My Cubicle in Tampa
Healthy Choice Café Steamers – Chicken Red Pepper Alfredo

Components of Today’s meal:
Grilled Chicken chunks
Linguini noodles
Red Bell Peppers
Alfredo Sauce
package of the mealzzz
The nicest thing about the Healthy Choice Café Steamers (referred to as “Steamers” from here on out) is that they deliver on their packaging. The picture on the box features larger bell peppers than you actually receive and the color of the ‘alfredo’ sauce is quite muted from the almost neon-“MacNCheez” color it actually has, but other than that, the picture is fairly accurate.
prior to mixing
The above mixture is prior to mixing. It lets you see the components of the meal a little more clearly, and frankly it looks a little more appetizing prior to it being mixed. As you can see the Broccoli sports a vibrant color and the chicken actually appears to be ‘chunks’ of tenderloin instead of reprocessed left-overs crammed into a ‘nugget’.
Mixed up the mess
Post-mix doesn’t look as appetizing to me, but nor is it disgusting. The one thing that I’m not a fan of is how overly bright orange the sauce is. I really feel like I’m about to tear into a classy version of Kraft “MacNCheez”.
package rearendingsz.
As the product line’s name states, the food is a fairly healthy choice. The nutritional facts don’t try any shyster non-sense by stating that there are 2 or 3 servers to the package. (Honestly, who opens a can of Coke, drinks half, and then decides that’s enough for the day and tosses it back in the fridge?) This particular meal weighs in at 250 calories and represents a moderate spread of the daily nutrients you should consume. The only negative to these meals are the actual ingredient list; there are about 70 items listed under ingredients and appear as if the makers are attempting to construct a bomb out of your food.

With the first bite I get noodles, broccoli and chicken. The ‘alfredo’ is fairly starchy without much of a flavor kick, the most apparent attribute is that it’s creamy. The broccoli holds up very well in the meal, it’s got some crispy bite to it and yet is still tender. The chicken is mediocre and there is a bit of fat in 2 of my bites. The noodles are fairly sweet but aren’t gummy or over/under-done. I don’t feel like I’m attacking Cthulu while eating, so it’s a decent experience.

After finishing the bowl, I’m fairly satisfied. The meal came in at about $2.30 and is an excellent price for a frozen meal. For what this is, the meal delivered. Steamers have held a soft-spot in my heart as they’ve been one of the few frozen meals that I can eat on a consistent basis. The best I can say about this meal is that I neither look forward to it, nor do I dread it.

On the whole the meal rates Rating: ★★★½☆ stars as a frozen meal.

-Matt in the Cube.

Author: Matt

I now live in Clearwater, FL and from here the food shall be reviewed.

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  1. I love the HC Steamers. The Chicken Alfredo isn’t my favorite, but it’s decent. Never really cared much for many of the “Asian Inspired” flavors. The “Grilled Chicken Marinara” has to be my favorite. Cajun Shrimp/Chicken is pretty good as well. “Grilled Whiskey Steak” is awesome.

    You guys having any issues with spam user registration? I’m getting 4-5 a day right now. =/

  2. Yeah, the best thing is to setup a WordPress account, they should give you a key for AKISMET, it helps filter spam comments and such. Dan could probably give you more info on how it works.

    The Cajun Shrimp/Chicken is by far my most favorite, especially when I have hot sauce on hand. The Steamers are a very consistent staple of my lunches.

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