Am I Repeating Myself? Off My Hiatus.

Crabby Bill’s
37 Causeway Blvd
Clearwater, FL  33765

(727) 210-1313

Twins reunite! Sia’s sister came to visit us and this meant it was a time for celebration.  In their case, a time to get crab-tastic!  What better way to enjoy some food than to have a sip and then head out?  Driving to “Irritable Bill’s” we had 2 Pac cranked to full blast.  We flipped to some classics like ‘Dear Momma’, ‘What’s your Phone Numba?’, and ‘Thug Passion.’  Thug Passion immediately incited a tirade on my part that this drink needed to be recreated at some point in the night.  What’s ‘Thug Passion’ you ask?  Why it’s 1-part Alize to 1-part Cristal (champagne), what better way to relive some 2 Pac than to drink some Thug Passion (unfortunately this is still an unrealized dream of mine)?  With the windows down we passed by street lights through downtown Dunedin on our way to Clearwater Beach.  The neon lights emitting a consistent glow on one side and on the other the dour face of the Scientologist building.  As we approached Irritable Bill’s you could taste the salt on the air and what better way to offset salt than with a cold beverage, say hello cheap beer!



A couple of Yeunglings later our food began to arrive.  The ladies ordered some salads to go with their crab. The side salads were the general fare you can expect for side salads, the components looked moderately fresh but nothing to call your grandmother about. I ordered Frog Legs (which I later found out came from North Carolina) and french fries.  I wanted to try something I have never had before, thus the froggies. The frog legs tasted as they had been described to me, fairly neutral and chicken-like.  It was like eating overpriced chicken wings.  The allure was to eat a meat I had never tried before, but to be frank… fried things generally taste the same as other fried things.



They were fairly good considering that you can find these guys in your front lawn, especially when drenched with hotsauce (Crabby Bill’s house brand, which tastes similar to a mix of ‘Louisiana Hot Sauce’ and ‘Frank’s Redhot’).  If anything, the frog legs didn’t have enough natural flavor.  They were missing something to make you go “WOW”, and they were a little over-cooked.   The downside to the frog legs are the price. For something that you can catch on the side of the road, you expect to pay less than a chicken wing.

The crab legs were prepared in a different manner since the last time we had visited (see the previous Crabby Bill’s entry).  They appeared to have been treated to some kind of bay spice, and now more of the crab body was served.  Unfortunately they didn’t serve the whole crab body, leaving you wanting for some of that delicious crab-roe.


A night of delicious crab, mediocre frog legs, and cheap drinks makes for a good time.  If you come visit the Tampa/Clearwater, Florida area I would add this to the intinerary.  I have yet to find a better joint to get some crab appendages.  I hope to eventually find a bit more ‘authentic’ of a restaurant experience… something where you can tell that the restaurant is purchasing their sea-food locally.  Until then, “Irritable Bill’s” will have to do.

The food gets a Rating: ★★★☆☆ as the Frog Legs were expensive and far from my best meal.

The experience merited an overall: Rating: ★★★★★

-Matt in Clearwater Beach, FL.

Author: Matt

I now live in Clearwater, FL and from here the food shall be reviewed.

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  1. You should try the Crab Shack on Gandy….Leave Tampa on Gandy and just as you cross over into St Pete the joint is on your left before the dog track…..NOTE*** IT IS A SHACK BUT SOME OF THE BEST SEAFOOD EVER!!!! If you go try the crab claws in the garlic butter suace….UGH, AMAZING! Im a jersey boy and can appreciate some good blue crab!

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