La Bamba , no witty quips.

La Bamba
4815 W Laurel St
Tampa, FL 33607-4507
(813) 287-2575

My first impression of La Bamba is that it looks like a very ‘Florida’ kind of restaurant. As you can see in the shot above, even the curbs are a bright and vibrant color. I first came to La Bamba on the good word of my coworker Jeff. His advice (which still stands): Anything Pork, and you Can’t Go Wrong With The Cuban. While Jeff might not have the wildest spectrum of food choices, he has never steered me wrong. So, with that chunk of advise I made my trip to La Bamba (actually just a short walk from the office, so not exactly a trip).

(I still don’t know why they had the orange construction cones up… it certainly didn’t appear that they were doing anything to the walk-way. Maybe it’s so someone bound to a wheelchair doesn’t try and ollie the steps)

La Bamba is a family owned and run restaurant. You can expect to see the same familiar faces dishing up your food each jaunt to this Spanish-American joint. According to their signage they serve Breakfast and Lunch. While I’ve had their Lunch items a number of times I have never visited them for Breakfast, but the prices are very modest. Their dining area can seat about 50 people.

As you can see above, La Bamba dishes out fairly typical Spanish-American cuisine. I stuck to Jeff’s advise and went for the pulled pork with a side of rice and green beans. I was in and out in about 5 minutes. La Bamba accepts cash and credit (I saw something on another site mentioning that they only accept cash, not true). Most of La Bamba’s menu choices are under $10 so you won’t break the bank grabbing a bite.

(Right before I jumped those 3 HUUUUUUUUGE steps: fakie 360 nose-grab… on my, um, modified wheel chair? That should be the next step in ‘XTREME’ sports, wheelchair sports; Murderball excluded, I’m talking about half-pipes and street riding. For the 2 people who read this who don’t know me, I don’t use a wheelchair… I’m just insensitive.)

As you can see, you get quite a bit of food. In hindsight I didn’t need any chips, there is a lot of food here.

The meat is Salty, moist, and almost buttery. Very strong rich flavor, but not cloying in its strength. Rice and green beans are second fiddle to the pork. Greens are a little soggy, they could use more snap. The rice is bland and generic… could really use some pepper, but it balances the pork well.

I really like to turn everything into a samich. Anything on a slice of bread instantly gets better (cake and ice cream included, nothing like Mint Chocolate Chip on a slice of swirled Rye & Pumpernickel! On second thought, that earlier statement might be a little hyperbolic. Just a little.). I have also had the Cuban from La Bamba, and it’s a solid choice. I would definitely recommend this joint to anyone looking for some fair-priced Lunch.

My overall experience merited a Rating: ★★★½☆. I’ve had better, and I have yet to actually be enticed into sitting at La Bamba’s and eating but the food is great at the price offered.

-Matt in Tampa

Author: Matt

I now live in Clearwater, FL and from here the food shall be reviewed.

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