Stateside Deli Doesn’t Mess Around

Stateside Deli

3552 Meridian Crossings Drive
Okemos, MI 48864-6916
(517) 853-1100

Food Rating: ★★★★½ – I love these sandwiches
Service Rating: ★★★★☆ – Got my food quick, and everybody was friendly. What more can you ask for?
Atmosphere Rating: ★★★☆☆ – I hardly spend any time inside. Can’t think of anything good or bad.
Price Rating: ★★★★☆ – While the prices are high, the food to price ratio is well within reason.
Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ – Only reason I don’t eat there every day is it is about a half hour round trip.

Like corned beef? Go to State Side Deli. Before you whine about the prices, look at what you get for it. That isn’t a goddamned sandwich, it is the goddamned Battle of the Bulge in a box.

I love me a ruben (and friends) sandwich. This is probably my second favorite ruben-class sandwich I’ve had in the Lansing area (the first is the Super Reuben at The Irish Pub…but I was drunk when I had it, so my judgment may be a bit off). Anyway, the State Side Deli doesn’t shit around. You get PLENTY of their delicious corned beef all up in your sandwich.

There isn’t really anything wrong with the sandwich, which in turn makes it a great sandwich since it is so hard to find a really good sandwich in a restaurant. I had plenty of sauce, slaw, etc with none of them over abundant. And if I did need anything else, everyone I’ve dealt with there was pretty friendly, so I’m sure I could have gotten it. You can check out their delicious menu online.

So, after I ate this sandwich I was pleasantly surprised to find a pickle wedge hiding underneath like I wouldn’t find it. Pickle, you can’t hide from me. I love pickles. And since the sandwich took up the whole box, I really didn’t know it was there until I finished. I propose we start saying the phrase “Like finding a pickle underneath a good sandwich” instead of “Like finding money in an old coat”

Finally, I had a slice of the something-layered cake. Forgot the number. It was given to me free of charge in hopes of a good review. While I am appreciative, and can usually be bought, there was no need sir. No need. Mmmmm, free cake.

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  1. Ha, good review. Short but sweet. I really do think we should say, “Like finding a pickle underneath a good samich.” There, it’s done. We’re doing it.

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