Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Tropical Smoothie Cafe
1201 4th Street North
Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 821-3100

First, I’d like to thank Google Streetview’s camera-van for grabbing a great picture of the front of Tropical Smoothie Cafe.  When I went and grabbed a bite to eat there, I didn’t have any plan to review the place.  In fact I wasn’t even planning on eating there.  I wound up swinging over there to meet up with Chris Werner to show him my new bike, the Harley Davidson 2010 Iron 883.  As a great man about town, Chris comp’ed me a delicious meal on his tab as well as a smoothie while I was there.

Chris made me a Buffalo Chicken wrap, and while I’m certain it’s not the most healthy item on the menu, it was certainly delicious.  I’m sure you’re asking yourself right now, “Hey Matt, why the fuck are you talking about the healthiness of your meal?”  Well, good sir, I bring this up because Tropical Smoothie Cafe appears to pride itself upon ‘Eating Better’ and ‘Feeling Better’. While I didn’t necessary feel better about myself or my health after eating said wrap, I certainly enjoyed it.  What I did like was that the meal was served with a freshly cut orange which is a great substitute for french fries. I believe I also received a Caribbean Breeze smoothie and it basically tasted like mangos… but I’m not sure exactly what was in there. Either way it was sweet and cold on a sweltering day, just what the doctor ordered.  I don’t really know for sure what I had as I basically told Chris to “make me something good.”   As you can see above they have a somewhat goofy decor, going for an island theme which feels a little less contrived in Florida than it would feel in Michigan… nothing like snow on the ground in March to make you feel Caribbean.

Due to my circumstances of receiving a free meal, I’m going to give a jaded rating.  I would rate my experience as Rating: ★★★★☆.

I may have to give this one a more impartial review, but I’m not itching to drive 35 minutes to have a smoothie and a wrap, so this will have to wait for some future date.

-Matt in Tampa

Author: Matt

I now live in Clearwater, FL and from here the food shall be reviewed.

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