Gyro Land
3313 North Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603-6033
(813) 221-0022

Ever since I moved down to Florida I’ve been craving a well made gyro.  You would think it wouldn’t be too hard to find some shaved lamb on a spit in fresh pita with vegetables and tzatziki. Detroit seemed to be the land of plenty when it came to Greek food.  I mean you can’t drive 2 blocks without seeing a Coney or Greek diner. So anyways, I was really jonesing for a Gyro and hopped on google and searched for Gyro and 33603.  Gyro Land appeared to be the closest place, and you would think with a new like Gyro Land that they’d have Gyros.  I didn’t take any pictures of the inside of the restaurant, but the place was pretty run down.  The chairs looked older than Clint Eastwood, and he’s practically Skeletor.

So anyways, the place was beaten up.  Walked in and it seemed a little sketchy, but a man’s gotta get his gyro, nom’ sayin?  Ordered up 2 gyro’s with fries and some jumbo scrimp, because who doesn’t want some delicious scrimp? Sat down to wait for our food, some hobo wanders in muttering about timecube or some such.  Did the needful and ignored him.  Brought the food home and was thoroughly underwhelmed.  It was some thick cut lamb, which was hopeful.  It was a really well put together wrap but not quite a classic gyro.  Tzatziki was kinda thick but otherwise decent.  Most of the food was kinda chilly, but I think we can blame that on the drive back.  Fries were fries.  Same deal you get everywhere else.  Lightly seasoned with some spice combination.  The odd thing is that the scrimp was the standout in the whole affair.  I’ve had some bad shrimp before, I mean.. I’ve been to a Red Lobster.  The Gyro Land batter wasn’t too heavy and the shrimps were still nice and firm.  Worth coming back for the shrimp, still not the gyro I’m looking for.

I give it 2.5 Rating: ★★½☆☆.  Decor was nothing to write home about and the gyro was only okay. Not cheap, but not expensive either.  If you’re hungry and want something quickly give Gyro Land a shot.

(Matt the Editor’s Note)PS~ To eat here you might get hit up by Bubbs for some smokes. Buyer beware on that one.

Author: Native

I work in software support, I'm an active cook and gardener. I'm a former LAMP admin and former Michigan native currently living in Florida. I contribute to and Twin Destroyer for my music.

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  1. If you are still searching for a good Gyro, how about you take a chance at Famous Greek Salads 10041 North Dale Mabry “Old Carrollwood Shopping Center” Tampa Fl 33618….In the Publix shopping plaza at N Dale and Linebaugh…..THE BEST GYRO I’VE EVER HAD!!!

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