I just read a (as my British colleagues would say) brilliant article by former food reviewer Steve Silberman about his last meal. He gives a lot of background into his relationship with food.  Interesting and insightful, who doesn’t like a good food story?  The following is one of my favorite excepts:

Even if you’re never forced to exit stage left by toque-wearing hordes, one of the downsides of inheriting the vocation that de La Reynière invented is that it makes your friends hesitate before inviting you over for dinner. ”Well,” they sigh with a mixture of apology and exasperation, “it’s not like the food you’re used to.”

Little do they know that after the second goat-cheese crème brulée, the third ahi-shiso tuna tower with wasabi foam, the fourth porcini-dusted scallop with padron-pepper beurre blanc, and the fifth “deconstructed” s’more, a baked potato with a little butter and salt can seem like one of humanity’s most ingenious inventions.

You eventually realize that the only secret ingredient that matters is paying attention to what you’re eating — and a dash of gratitude. via Boing Boing

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