You’re My Hookah Now

Hello all, sorry it has been so long since my last review. I had several written…but I can’t find them. I found the pictures, I’ve just been too lazy to re-write them. Maybe once I organize my HDDs….

But today I’m going to review something besides food. I’m going to review shisha. This is the tobacco used to smoke hookah.

I’ve had experience with three brands thus far with widely varying results.

First off is probably the most common. STARBUZZ.


This stuff seems to be widely available and comes in more flavors than you can shake a stick at. I’ve tried a variety of flavors, but the most noteworthy was Lemon Mint. The mint really sells it here. The taste isn’t too strong, but not too light. If anything, it is on the stronger side, which I like. The lemon isn’t as pronounced, so if you can find any of the XXX-Mint flavors, you will probably be in for a good smoke. STARBUZZ shisha is pretty sticky and burns well, but a little quickly and it is definitely prone to burning if you aggressively hit it.

I’ve never been disappointed by STARBUZZ in general. I’ve purchased some flavors that didn’t fit my fancy, but taste is up to the smoker. However, if you can, avoid grape. I haven’t met anybody who would smoke that flavor again given other options. Grape sucks. STARBUZZ is a little more expensive that most brands, but the phrase “you get what you pay for” shows here. It is a little more expensive, and is a little better. No mega value here, but it is a good default brand. BONUS: the little tins are kind of handy after you finish the shisha.


Second on this review of three is Fakhfakhina. (lolwut?)


This stuff is the reason I actually started this review. I probably should have seen this mistake coming when the head shop I was in told me it was on sale for something like buy two get one free. I got Orange Molasses, Vanilla, and Mango flavors. Pictured is Orange Molasses, the least terrible of the three. I originally opened the vanilla flavor and immediately knew I had made a mistake when I saw the actual shisha. The shisha is dry and clumpy, and has what I would say is an unnatural amount of stems. The only flavor I tasted with vanilla was “smoke” flavor. I can at least tell they were going for an orange theme with the orange flavor. I have never smoked the mango by itself, but when I mixed it with other flavors I could taste a hint of mango, so that one is probably not terrible taste wise. Because the shisha is dry and clumpy it burns pretty easily and quickly (not desired results). I can safely say that I will not purchase this brand again, especially considering that any place where I have seen it for sale also carried STARBUZZ. The value is there, though. This stuff was cheap. If you have a bunch of assbag friends over often and they want in on your hookah and you aren’t feeling charitable, this probably isn’t a terrible choice. I mean, it still tastes not bad, and it was cheap.


Finally is the gem of this group. AL FAKHER.


Aside from getting giggles when I say the name out loud (try it) I also enjoy smoking it. This little box was given to me by a man who was clearly ESL whilst in Ybor in Tampa. He gave it to me for free as well as a 50% discount on a tiny hookah because “oh? you know hookah? you smoke hookah? come come”. If that is a reason.

I got coconut because I had never tried that flavor in any brand. I knew it would be good because I could smell it without even opening the box. When I did open the box I again knew it would be good because the bag felt like it was full of jelly. This shisha is very thick and gooey. It smells and tastes great. It is pretty strong, and I like that. It also smokes pretty well. The only time that I’ve really burned it is when I had it in my larger hookah with three people pulling off of it. The down side is that I have been unable to find this brand for sale locally. I still have a few shops to check, and the internets is always an option. But the fact alone that I’m actively looking for more pretty much sums up my thoughts on this brand. I can’t say anything as to the value of this since I didn’t see a price, but I can’t imagine it being much more than other brands, and the quality is definitely there.


In the future I will post more reviews of shisha brands as I am able to try them. If it seems like I should, I will review other related things like coals. However, I’ve tried several brands of coals with no notable difference.



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