Not to be confused with Pier 1 or Builders Square

Square 1 Burgers
3701 Henderson Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 414-0101

So I’ve been jonesing for a good burger dive for a while now.  I’ve dropped by a couple other local places and still haven’t been excited about any of them.  Lansing had Bonnie’s Place and Crunchy’s.  I like the hole in the wall that serves stupid good cow between bread.

Anyways, Matt asked for some suggestions and our neighbor suggested we give Square 1 a chance.  It’s down in the South Tampa area and it has the normal Tampa look.  It seems like everything in Tampa really tries to look like some business casual dining place.  It’s kinda bizarre.  It seems like there aren’t that many places that have a grit to them. I digress, it’s a fairly inviting atmosphere and pretty cozy.  The music kinda sucks, it was like VH1 in the 90s, lots of garbage I don’t particularly care for.  Don’t hate it, but wouldn’t subject myself to it either.

I wasn’t blown away by the burger meat.  Not very fatty, probably a 90/10 meat/fat mix.  I prefer 85/15 but that might just be because I’m cheap. I didn’t really look at the menu at all. Blinders were on and burger-mode was in full effect.  I saw a “Rise and shine” burger. Eggs?! BACON?! WHY NOT! I’m a pretty easy sell.  Matt opted for the Black and Bleu burger (which also comes with bacon). We both ordered our burgers medium, unfortunately they showed up medium-well.  While the burgers were overcooked, the egg was perfect. Runny, but still cooked. The rise and shine also came with onions, which were terribly overcooked.  They might as well have been puréed for how much texture they had.  That said, the bun was kind of like a firmer roll and the bacon was excellent. While my commentary on the cooking might paint the Rise and Shine in a bad light, the only terrible thing about it was how terribly delicious it was. The most notable thing about the bleu cheese burger is that they use real bleu cheese, so if you prefer your bleu cheese out of a dressing bottle you might want to steer clear.

Service was fast and the bartender was cute. The prices weren’t bad but nothing really knocked my socks off. It rates a solid Rating: ★★★☆☆ .

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  1. You ever try longhorn steakhouse? I only went there once and had their ribs they were pretty good. I know that has nothing to do with burgers lol On burgers I ate the 1lb fuddruckers burger before it was pretty good and I don’t even like burgers.

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