Who dat Po Boy!

Nola Cafe
301 W Platt St # C
Tampa, FL 33606-2292
(813) 258-8778

I can’t believe how long it has taken me to review this place. I mean, dead grass and leaves starting to come back.. hell.. long sleeve shirts were still appropriate daytime attire.  Now it’s consistently in the 90’s and humid enough to swim.  I’m on the brink of growing gills. Tangents about my lax writing schedule aside, I digress.  I’ve dropped by numerous times for the shrimp Po Boy. Shrimp is always perfectly cooked, light layer of mayo on a semi crusty bread.  Crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes.  Drop some hot sauce on the Po Boy and it’s the best Po Boy I’ve had in Tampa (to be fair, I’ve found very few places that offer shrimp Po Boys).

The prices aren’t too high, but it’s not cheap either.  The quality of the food outweighs any misgivings I might have had though. Coworkers have told me about how good their beignets are, but it’s something I’ve yet to try. I keep wanting to try their Jambalaya and Gumbo, but the draw of a perfectly made Po Boy keeps me from straying. The decor is fun, but I’ve never been to New Orleans.. so I can’t really comment on how it relates to that. Cozy atmosphere and servers have always been friendly.

I give it a Rating: ★★★★☆. Excellent Po Bo, but I’ve yet to try anything else out.

Author: Native

I work in software support, I'm an active cook and gardener. I'm a former LAMP admin and former Michigan native currently living in Florida. I contribute to http://www.halftonreviews.com and Twin Destroyer for my music.

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  1. Try the beignets and report back. Katie and I went to New Orleans and had them at Cafe Du Monde. I admit, the things were more like funnel cake at a carnival than truly delicious French cuisine.

    But they were greasy, so yay.

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