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The thing I noticed on our bus trip from the airport into downtown Dublin is the actual density of the city. When you start really getting into Dublin proper, it is block after block of flats and shops, and flats on shops, next to flats, next to shops, next to pubs, next to more shops, and more pubs and flats. That first sleep-deprived ride really made it apparent to me that I was in a different country. When you travel in America, you can lose the sense of being in a different place. Every town seemingly has a Best Buy, Walmart, Applebees, etc. There are certainly cities that have their own unique traditions but our culture nationally is roughly the same throughout the US (despite each state or city’s local peccadilloes).

#1 small streets#2 a SHRUBBERY

#3 Tim and Phil in front of Tims place

I was thoroughly impressed with the bus drivers while I was in Ireland. They do not have an easy job navigating a huge vehicle through extremely narrow streets that were initially built in the mind of being a concourse for horse led traffic. In the pictures above, you should note that the traffic through those streets allow for two way traffic (buses did not go down that street).

#4 Blurry shot of Phils bed for 10 days#5 My bed for 10 days

Above you can see where Phil and I slept for 9 days. Phil got the couch and I got the futon mattress.

#6 Mo imitating Floyd#7 play it cool and stay in focus sleeping kitteh

See Floyd and Mo. Imitate Floyd, Mo. Sleep Floyd, Sleep.

#8 a Typical evening

Above you can see a typical evening of soccer. Above that’s Gavin telling Mo something (and Keith’s butt, and Sam’s knees). Quite a few evenings were spent with a couple Carlsberg or Bavaria brews, playing music for each other and arguing about sports and life. I was thoroughly surprised to find that Gav and Mo had introduced Tim to MF Doom. Something can certainly be said for globalized culture (due to the internet) when a couple of Irish lads need to school a guy from the Detroit area on rap.

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