First night in Dublin

Sometimes I’m a shithead and don’t write anything for a while. If I was smarter, I would’ve written about my trip to Dublin shortly after getting back (or during my stay) while my impressions were fresh in my mind. I however am a lazy shit. With that Catholic release of guilt out of my system I think I can now appropriately convey my thoughts.

Our first night out was enacted in a jet lagged, lack-of-sleep-hangover. Neither of us had slept much on our overnight flights on our way to Dublin. So, despite the morning Irish sun pouring upon our backs as we ambled into Tim’s apartment I knew I needed to score a nap. Being the erstwhile pragmatist that I am, I first sought out Tim’s bed to work at adjusting my body’s clock to that of my new locale. After my brief respite I awoke to laughter, cigarette smoke, and a couple slices of pizza. Phil was soon to follow me in search of some shut eye. While Phil succumbed to the rigors of international travel, I got better acquainted with Tim, Mo, and Gavin with the help of beer and my exceptionally charming use of swear words. Some hours later, Phil awoke and Tim took us out on the town to see a portion of Dublin. He acquainted us with the Ha’penny Bridge (so named because William Walsh, who built the bridge, was granted the right to extract half a pence from those who needed to cross which was the price of using the ferries that were replaced by the bridge), as well as The Liffey (a river that splits Dublin, is quite murky and when Prince Phillip inquired whether Guinness was made from water from it royally pissed off some Irish folks) and more interesting things that my addled brain cannot recall. After a bit of walking, we were all famished and found ourselves at an Irish Burger King which purports to only use 100% Irish Beef! I’d much prefer to spend my money at a local business but we all had to piss and it was right there. I can also report that an Irish Whopper tastes like an American Whopper. After satiating our needs, we were in search of more satiation and found ourselves at the local pub Whelans, somewhere we would find ourselves many more nights during our stay.

Author: Matt

I now live in Clearwater, FL and from here the food shall be reviewed.

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